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hey skye. im so excited to see you move into this next phase as i LOVE weight lifting. :) I really need to set myself some goals too around body fat % (and getting it re-calculated), clean eating, and weight lifting.

Crossfit has helped so much, a girl comment last night when I was lifting up an olympic bar "Geez Ali you are getting so much stronger and muscler!" It's a lovely comment thats for sure.

As a fellow GIRL, it is really hard to look at the scales and not seem them move much when weight lifing. It certainly is all about the mind!

One of my goals is too run my first 1/2 marathon up here in July too - I wish I were running it in Melbourne with mates ... but oh well! Let the training begin - the hard part will be accommodating running LONG distances with weight lifting! :/


not quite sure what the right words are skye but you should be unbelieveably proud of what you ahve achieved thus far.

I'm joining you on the L&S program this round, pretty darn excited about it actually!

It is so important not to let the number on the scales become your Key Performance Indicator at this point...I rarely stand on the scales because I know how much it can mess with my head. I'm kinda struggling with the fact I'll need to be weighing myself weekly for 12WBT. Like you the goal for me is not skinny, it's strong and healthy.

Tatum xx

Sister Walrus

Yay Skye! You are one increible woman xoxo

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