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Kim Arnold

Can't help you Skye! I so don't do that time of the morning!


I do all my crossfit workouts in the evening I'm afraid. It's the better option of the two as if I had to go to crossfit I'd have to be out the door and at crossfit by 5.40am. It's just too hard for me! Plus I have MORE energy and can work harder of an evening!

As for running I've been trying to get up in the morning but its so dark and not that safe up here to run in the mornings....

Lauren Boase

I'm not really going to be any help but...
I start work at 4am, so my alarm goes off at 2:22 (weirdo numbers girl)and I have no choice but to get up and go!
Today I had the day off and I went to RPM, which was at 6:15, so my alarm went off at 5:50. As much as I would love to lay in bed when I have to get up stupid early every other day, I didn't get myself a choice and just got moving. My mind protested the whole way to the gym but I didn't let it have any other choice than work my butt off.

I also have to add, that today I decided that I have really lost the plot... by 12:30 I'd been to the gym THREE times!! Rpm at 6:15, Boxing at 9:15 and PT at 12:30...nuts I tell you, nuts!

Goodluck getting up in the morning...a big key is making sure you get to bed early too! xoxo

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