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My age was 25!!! Loved reading your blog post... {{HUGS}}

Lauren Boase

That is fucking perfect!
I am totally old before my time- I have never understood the concept of 'going out' late... why waste the time?? I think that was part of the allure of working a shift that starts at 4am...I have a good reason to go to bed early. That and I totally love all the daggy Nana things :)
Enjoy birthday month! and thankyou for reminding me to make the most of my 20's, so often I get caught up in the what I should do, rather than what I WANT to do!


I remember those uni nights when we used to go out late....now i never do!! I do love going out on occassion but now i much rather a wine bar, or a few cocktails - nothing too rowdy!

my age is about 28 too! ;) x

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